Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Best Time She Had

Once upon a time there lived a fairy princess. One day she
had to go for a run but she was too hot to go. She
loved to go running. And so she did not go because it was to hot.
So the next day she had to go she had to go running.
And so she did.

The End
By Olivia and Briar


  1. Very nice! And you're using Briar as a co-writer now too. Pretty soon he'll need his own blog!

  2. Hello Cupcake

    Guess who this is!

    I thought it was about time I 'visited' you.

    Guess what - I found you the #3 book of Pixie Tricks. When Tante Kirsten comes to see me on Monday, I will give it to her.

    Give Briar a big Oma kiss. And tell him I found another train for him to play with.

    Say hi to your mom.

    Oma oxo oxo

  3. Hello there little chandlers:

    I was soooo happy to see the 3 of you on Monday. How is your tummy? I'm sure it was only because of driving on Sooke Road. I always have ginger ale here so you don't need to stop and get some before you come here. Uncle Todd likes to drink it so I usually have some. How are the 'Pixies' doing. What will we do if you finish reading all of them too?

    I haven't seen the deer today. Maybe they came while I was having my hair cut. We should think of names for them.

    Tante Kirsten told me today your mom would do my make up on the day of her wedding too. I am glad because your mom does a really good job.

    I better get back to work now. It was nice 'chatting' with you.