Wednesday, March 17, 2010

play clay

Play clay is fun!!!. Too make a slug you have too make a body and 4 short things. Like this.Then put them together like this. Then make a little line like this.

Then put some little dots with a toothpick like this.

Then if you want you can make a leaf like this. And stick the slug on.


  1. I love this! My little girl who is four just got her first clay from her Auntie and has been making all sorts of things-but not slugs! I can't wait to show her this! FUN!

  2. I hope she likes it.
    I mite put on more play clay things.
    My mom had the idea of slugs.I like the
    lavindr smelling play clay.


  3. Hey cupcake:

    Can you make me a cupcake for on my new fridge?